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Running a Successful Business Since 2008

Polyshine was founded in 2008 when Chris Galea acquired Ferro Finishing off Reg Nodle in Sydney, Australia. Polyshine has continued with the Ferro range of products with some compounds seeing improvements made via new materials couoled with further research and development.

Ferro commenced manufacturing in 1968 as a manufacturer of supplies to the metal finishing industry. Since this time, the range of products has continued to improve and expand into a highly recognised brand throughout the world that is used by industry leaders within their field of manufacturing including: Automotive fabrication and paints, plastics, lacquers, fibreglass, natural stones, ceramics. wood and imitation marble.

2009 – 2011 saw the development of new compounds and in particular advancement and expansion in the liquid compound range of cutting and polishing compounds. This was driven by Polyshine working closely with new and existing clients around the world who were seeking either improved or customised finishes.

With the growth of Asia in the metal finishing sector, in 2009 Polyshine opened an office in Singapore so that it could provide a level of service to its growing Asian and sub­continent client base.

Polyshine has now established itself as a highly creditable provider of end to end surface finishing, from raw product stage through to finished goods. This is bought about by working closely with the client on processes through to staff training.

More and more new and existing customers seek Polyshine’s expertises to come in and evaluate their current processes.

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Ferro exports approximately 60% of its polishes to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the U.S.A.

Ferro’s polishes give the finishing touch to manufactured articles such as:

Where Ferro Finishing polishes are used:

Service and repair industries

Service and repair industries such as smash repairs, car detailers, car and truck yards, transport companies, aviation, military, vintage car and motor cycle restorers, musical instrument restorers, hotels and shopping centres, boat and surfboard restorers.

The general public

The general public uses our polishes for the maintenance of cars, recreational vehicles, motor bikes, cutlery, brassware, jewellery, taps, nameplates, Balustrading, door locks, chrome plated appliances, kitchen sinks and other household surfaces.

Manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries such as flatware, kitchenware, jewellery, watchmaking, automotive, architectural fittings, tap ware, Balustrading, and assorted stainless steel fabricators use Polyshine polishes.

The end goal being to:

– Reduce production time, without compromising the finished goods
– Companies desire to increase their price competitiveness and drive higher profits

Polyshine polishes give the finishing touch to manufactured articles such as:

Automotive Paint

Marine Products

Aluminium kitchenware

Bull bars

All Kitchen Sinks


Jewellery & watches

Hospital furniture

Hotel and shopping centre fittings

Boat fittings


Lacquered furniture

Kitchen bench tops

Plastic sinks

Musical instruments


Semiprecious stones

Chrome plated appliances


Stainless steel cutlery & kitchenware