Compounds for Brightness

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Our polishing compound bars are designed to give your projects a glossy finish that shines. Our polishing compound range is the perfect complement to our buffing wheels. These compounds are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the wheel during the cutting, buffing, and polishing process, making them ideal for working on or restoring a shine to various metals.

Whether working on alloy, truck bars, bull bars, ladder racks, or stainless steel, our polishing compounds will deliver impressive results. The coarser consistency of some of our compounds makes them perfect for removing scratches and heavier imperfections. In contrast, the finer ones are ideal for a crisp and glossy finish. 

Our most popular compounds are favourites among finishing alloys and stainless steel. These compounds deliver a deep, crisp shine and can remove acceptable blemishes, making them perfect for touch-ups or as a second step after sanding and cutting back any surface. 

Our products can be used independently or combined with our buffs, standard mops, or stitched rag mops for exceptional results. So, whether you are looking for a metal polish or a compound for polishing plastics, our range of polishing compound bars has got you covered. 

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