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Cotton Mop | Airflow Polish Buffs | Airflow Mops

Opt for our high-quality buffing mops, mops compounds, and metal polishing mops, as each metal has its unique characteristics, and that’s why we have a wide range of compounds and polishing mops. Our Compounds are perfect for achieving a high gloss finish on copper, brass, and stainless steel, and you can even pair them with a range of mops for optimal results. If you need to cut back light scratch marks before polishing, our compounds are ideal, as they work well on copper, brass, and stainless steel and should be used with a stitched mop. 

For general-purpose polishing on copper, brass, aluminium, and most other metals, almost all of our compounds are your go-to option, used with any mops. When using our compounds, remember to dress the mop with compound across the rotating face for a few seconds and be careful not to overload the mop, as it is better to apply a little compound more frequently than overdress the mop. After using the compound, bring the workpiece to the wheel and move it back and forth across the job with light pressure. Once you have finished the job, remove any compound residue with mineral turpentine or methylated spirits to ensure a clean and polished finish. 

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