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Our cutlery and cookware manufacturing products look great and perform exceptionally well in the kitchen for any manufacturing process, such as polishing compounds and polishing buffs. These are essential for achieving the perfect finish on our products. These tools are excellent for achieving a precise finish on intricate surface geometries and effectively polishing cooking utensils.

Our sisal shank-mounted tools for cut buffing on complex surface geometries are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy. This ensures that our products have outstandingly consistent quality and tight dimensional tolerances. Our standard sisal-cotton discs and sisal cord brushes with or without impregnation. We also provide custom-made impregnated sisal shank tools to meet your specific needs based on the purpose for which they are needed.

When polishing, we use only the best Buffing Wheels and compounds. These are essential for achieving the desired finish on our products. Our Buffing Wheels are designed to provide a smooth and even finish, while our polishing compounds are formulated to remove deep marks and scratches, leaving your utensils and cookware looking brand new with our range of tools.

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