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Our compound products tackle the intricacies of metal surface finishing with the crucial role of polishing surface finishes in achieving that perfect shine. As a leading metal finisher, we understand that the quality of any surface finish is not just about the machine but also about selecting the right finishing media and compounds. Hence, we ensure only the right vendors get on board. 

BV’s ability to manufacture our range of finishing compounds sets BV apart. It means we can develop a compound to suit almost every application, whether polishing, etching, cleaning, or corrosion inhibition. Our extensive process trials facility allows us to tailor materials and processes to our customer’s specific requirements, with our standout products renowned as the finest. 

It is easy to use—rub it on with a soft cloth and rub it off to achieve a brilliant lustre. Unlike chemical polishes, it won’t remove a layer of the metal surface being cleaned, ensuring the integrity of the metal. It’s recommended for use after diamond compound, removing tarnish, dirt, and oils, and renewing polished metal surfaces. It leaves a protective film that retards oxidation without preventing tarnishing, making it suitable for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, magnesium, bronze, chromium, stainless steel, platinum, aluminium, and many others. 

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